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Custom LED Lighting

Customized lighting? 

Who could even think of that a couple of decades ago? 

However, LED lighting systems made customized lighting possible with their efficient and simple fixtures. The LED lighting system is termed even a revolution in the world of architecture. 

The fixtures of this lighting system can fix almost all lighting problems and can fade into any background easily making the design of the structure a star. 

Whether it is about illuminating your master bedroom, the private cabin at your office, or your building outdoors, the LED lighting system has customized lighting solutions for all your needs.

Furthermore, according to the US Department of Energy’s Energy Savings Forecast of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications, LED lighting will have about 84% of the share in alllighting sales by 2035, saving 4.8 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) of energy annually. 

LED Lighting Market Research Report says the international LED market is anticipated to achieve $152,442.3 million by 2030 showcasing a CAGR of 10.7% from 2020 to 2030. Customized LED lighting can only further reduce energy consumption with tailored design for each application. 

Custom LED lighting system is gaining so much popularity that it might soon replace incandescent lighting, not only for its ability to be customized but also because it saves 70% of energy efficiently, focuses on modernizing infrastructure, and has a lifespan of 100,000 hours with Mocha Lighting system.

Besides, LED lighting comes in all custom options like length, width, voltage, brightness, color of LED, lens, and connectivity of fixture system.

Hence, it is next to impossible to ignore the shift of attention and growth in the LED market and seethat the LED lighting system is the future of lighting. So, wouldn’t it be wise to choose the inevitable custom LED lighting over the age-old conventional incandescent lights?

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Task Light Choice

With the choice’s undershelf, and articulating arm, task lights are versatile pieces of area lighting to our work.  While reading, extra light can ease eye strain and increase productivity.
Undershelf task lights are useful and important when people want extra light in the workspace, lab and at home.  The coverage of the light should be as wide as the table, so the length of the fixture is important.  
Mocha Lighting has various lengths of task light that will fit in single or multiple lights combined to create appropriate light settings.  Ease of installation is critical, with all the cables and plug needed to control, there is a high chance installation can be hectic.  
Proper driver design from task light along with the cabling management eliminates problems for users to install.  Mounting systems with metal shelves are preferred to have integrated magnets and wood shelf mounting is important as a choice.
Articulating task lights highlights the need for flexible installation and movable nature of task light.  We can consider an example of placing a task light on a large work area where flexible cords are needed, with special mounting.  Mocha’s task lights have all the features needed for any mounting need for a good light.
Style comes to mind whether you are adding the light a special place in the work surface.  It is a light that is important but not to create distraction as you work.  The look should be integral to overall interior space design. 
Together with ergonomic controls, task light accentuates a better work environment.  Energy saving features such as sensors will help further users enjoy the task light experience.  Mocha’s energy star listed products showcase how design can be part of the performance and ergonomic part of light.  
Features of on/off and dimmer are best integrated for users to dictate the brightness.  Even though the footcandle target of 60-100 is typical, we know users should have the choice to change their task light brightness, due to ambient environment and personal perception of light.
Mocha Lighting has various products that have features that will make a better space with task lights.  Feel free to check out and reach us for further information.