Founded in 2011, Mocha’s mission is simple: to Light everything ®. As a technology innovative company, Mocha provides the lighting industry a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art lighting systems and software solutions.  Mocha is a company founded by engineers, managed by experienced industry leaders and powered by the talents of a diverse workforce.

Mocha’s focus is to improve the quality of light for commercial and industrial building occupants and lower the operating cost for building owners and enhance worker productivity. We design, assemble, and test high performance architectural, commercial, industrial and residential LED lighting fixtures that replace common fluorescent fixtures. Our application of digital lighting technology improves the quality of light for commercial building occupants, lowers the operating cost for building owners, enhances worker productivity and reduces the carbon footprint for all.

Mocha Lighting is your preferred resource for your lighting needs. Our products have been specified by architects, lighting designers in numerous projects all over the world.  Our lighting comes with a wide range of desired options, fully integrated (not as an afterthought).   

Mocha Lighting is introducing a price-conscious under cabinet/task light option for those special projects that don’t need a lot of options and require a quality light with slim design. Please contact us if you would like further info on our new HEXO. Let us help you create the perfect light for your application. Here at Mocha we design and manufacture all our own lighting and create products for our customers


Mocha Lighting designs highly efficient luminaries using the best LED’s on the market. We work closely with manufactures like Cree, Osram, Samsung, Onsemi and Analog Devices to bring the best products to market. All of our products are designed in house from electrical circuit board design, embedded software and mechanical housings.  Our products are designed to meet all applicable UL standards.

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